SC Senate Passes Bill to Fix Ballot Issue

  With the courts removing over 200 Republicans and 40 Democrats from last June’s South Carolina primary election ballots due to conflicting ethics and election laws, the South Carolina Senate has passed a bill designed to prevent the issue from coming up again. Named the “Equal Access to the Ballot Act,” bill S.2 sponsored by […]

FROM THE DESK OF: The Happiest Guy in Florida

BY: Taft Matney As the sun rose over Florida this morning, just a day removed from the South Carolina primary, there’s no doubt that the happiest guy in the state is Newt Gingrich. Forget about the piles of direct mail and robocalls in South Carolina. Think about how crazy last week was. It started on […]

YOUR TURN: “We Need the Return of the Party of Lincoln in SC” By Phil Noble

This may seem odd coming from a Democrat who lives in city that led the Confederate Rebellion, but one thing is very clear from the Republican presidential primary – our state and nation desperately needs to see the return of the party of Lincoln. It will be good for Republicans and Democrats, and most importantly, […]