CRESCENT Entertainment: The Piedmont Boys’ Greg Payne Opens Up on Stories from the Road and What it Takes to Get Noticed by Nashville

South Carolina is not exactly shabby when it comes to turning out musical acts. Not it’s not. We’ve got a pretty strong history in this state.  Even recently, you look at Hootie, you look at Edwin.  I can remember back in high school watching Edwin play acoustic, sitting on a bar stool out in front […]

CRESCENT People: Aaron Tippin (Part 2)

THE RECORDING INDUSTRY TODAY It’s still the same old way.  There are still no stars ever born without a great song.  You’ve got to have a great song, and it always starts there.  That hasn’t changed.  That’s one thing in the music business that hasn’t changed, you’ve got to have a great song.  If you […]

CRESCENT People: Aaron Tippin (Part 1)

You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything. It’s great advice to get and to give, and for South Carolina’s Aaron Tippin, it put him on the highway to country music super stardom. With nine studio albums (five gold and one platinum), Aaron has had over 30 singles on the Billboard chart […]

WHAT’S GOING ON: CRESCENT: The Magazine Launches. Focusing on South Carolina Life, Politics, and a Little Bit in Between.

(OCTOBER 3, 2011 / GREENVILLE, SC) CRESCENT: The Magazine launched today at to highlight “South Carolina life, politics, and a little bit in between,” said its editor Taft Matney. A web-based magazine focused on South Carolina, CRESCENT’s offerings will come from two directions. One direction will profile famous and influential South Carolinians, South Carolina […]

FROM THE DESK OF: Greetings from South Carolina

First thing’s first. Welcome to CRESCENT is something that rattled around in my head for a long time, so it’s exciting to see what was only an idea now fully realized. CRESCENT is an online magazine for folks interested in what’s going on in South Carolina and the region but who don’t live and […]