YOUR TURN: “Goodbye Melet” By John Malik

EDITOR’S NOTE: Recently, Upstate South Carolina was rocked by the tragic deaths of nine members of two very close families vacationing together in Alaska. People in and around the Greenville area are still mourning the loss of Chris, Stacey, Meghan, and Conner McManus as well as Melet, Kim, Mills, Ana, and Olivia Antonakos. Whether you […]

YOUR TURN: “All-Star Bowl Showing SC Football Talent” By: David Wyatt

  It was a banner year for the University of South Carolina and Clemson University football programs as both won bowl games and ended the year ranked in the top 10. However, football in the Palmetto State is about more than just the two biggest universities. Over the years, South Carolina colleges and high schools […]

YOUR TURN: “Upstate Flexes Its Export Muscle” By: Hal Johnson

  The ten counties that make up the Upstate SC Alliance have long been the engine that drives the South Carolina economy. But some recent numbers from the U.S. Commerce Department and the International Trade Administration show that the Upstate is helping to drive the national economy as well. The Upstate’s three metropolitan areas; the […]

YOUR TURN: “A Classic Solution to Bullying” By: Paul Fallavollita

  A mother recently filed suit against the Beaufort County School District seeking compensation for “emotional damages” arising from the bullying of her children on the school bus. Preventing similar fates in other counties depends upon our ability to get out of the way of students so that they may resolve their differences themselves. It […]

YOUR TURN: “Mitt Romney is the President our Nation Needs” By: Chad Connelly

  Elections matter. They matter for our prosperity, they matter for our freedom, and they matter for our future. On November 6, our nation will make a critical choice. Through their visions and voices, American presidents set the course for our great republic. In 2008, our nation chose a candidate for president who offered hope […]

YOUR TURN: “The Upstate is Powering Growth” By: Hal Johnson

  The Upstate of South Carolina will never be a leader when it comes to the production of oil, but that does not mean our region is falling behind in the energy creation department. In fact, the Upstate has been one of the leaders in nuclear, solar and wind energy for years and green energy […]

YOUR TURN: “The Class of the Field” By John Malik

  “Here’s your lunch and if you’ll excuse me” I announced as I handed the paper plates to Juan and Jimmy.  I was serving lunch to two professional racing drivers that I respected and admired yet at that moment I was certain no one wanted me near them.  The producer was having none of it. […]

YOUR TURN: “The Court has Taken Away People’s Rights” By: Congressman Jeff Duncan

As you may have heard, a few weeks ago, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued a ruling that caused many candidates running for office to be thrown off the ballot. Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued another ruling that impacted even more candidates. To make matters worse, the ruling didn’t impact everyone equally since incumbents have […]

YOUR TURN: “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Upstate Bioscience Facilities” By: Hal Johnson

While everyone uses the Upstate’s medical industry – think doctors’ visits — many don’t realize the way our region is becoming one of the epicenters for biosciences in the nation. Biosciences is a wide ranging industry that encompasses hospitals, medical research and life sciences companies. The Upstate of South Carolina is home to premier medical […]

YOUR TURN: “EXPANDing American Energy Independence” By: Congressman Jeff Duncan

As the national average price for a gallon of gas creeps towards $4.00, millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Every day I hear from people who share stories about how high gas prices are impacting their lives, families, and businesses. I’ve heard from grandparents who once refused to miss a Little League […]

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