Military Base Task Force Appoints New Executive Coordinator

The S.C. Military Base Task Force tapped Charlie Farrell as its new executive coordinator during a meeting of the group’s executive committee at the S.C. Department of Commerce, which now houses the task force. General William “Dutch” Holland previously ran the task force as interim executive coordinator. William “Bill” Bethea Jr., recently-appointed chairman of the […]

SC House Approves Government Restructuring

On Wednesday, the SC House approved sweeping government reforms designed to eliminate the Budget and Control Board, cut the size of state government, and make the state’s executive offices more accountable to the Governor. “We got within a late Senate filibuster of reform, and after six years of debate, we’re here again,” said Rep. Garry […]

Special Election for SC’s First Congressional District Now a Toss-Up, According to New Poll

Public Policy Polling’s final poll of the special election in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District finds a race too close to call, with Republican Mark Sanford leading Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch 47-46. The 1 point lead for Sanford represents a 10 point reversal from PPP’s poll of the race two weeks ago, when Colbert Busch […]

SC House Approves Ethics Reform

The SC House overwhelmingly approved a package of ethics reforms today that are the biggest change in the state’s ethics laws in two decades. “While our ethics laws have been touted as the toughest in the nation, they were written before e-mail, the Internet, PayPal, cell phones, and even ATM machines,” said House Majority Leader […]

New Poll Shows Colbert Busch Leading Sanford in SC’s 1st Congressional District

In the upcoming special election in South Carolina’s first congressional district to fill the term of Tim Scott who was named to replace Jim DeMint when he resigned from the US Senate to head the Heritage Foundation, new figures from North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling (PPP) show Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch expanding her lead to […]

National Journal to Partner with SCGOP for 1st Congresstional District Debate

National Journal will serve as co-host for the “South Carolina Republican Party/National Journal First Congressional District Debate” to be held Thursday evening, March 28, at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, according to SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly. “As the race to replace Sen. Tim Scott in the First Congressional District is narrowed down to two Republicans, the South Carolina […]

Experts Project “SC Offshore Drilling Act” Could Create 7,500 Jobs

  Designed to add South Carolina to the nation’s 5-year plan for offshore exploration and production, the South Carolina Offshore Drilling Act would add a crucial step in safely developing the state’s natural resources according to the bill’s sponsor Congressman Jeff Duncan. Congressman Duncan introduced this legislation last July as an amendment in the House […]

Congressman Duncan Returns Operating Budget Funds to Taxpayers

  South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan announced that he would be returning a significant portion of his office budget to the taxpayers for the second year in a row. Duncan’s wish is that the returned funds be used to pay down the national debt. Duncan announced that his office would be returning around $200,000 or […]

House Bill Aims to Curb Unwarranted Drone Surveillance in SC

    A bill introduced this week in the state House aims to limit use of unmanned aerial vehicles commonly known as drones. Representative Dan Hamilton (R-Greenville) introduced the legislation saying it will protect “individual privacy against unwarranted government intrusion” and added that his bill “will protect the personal privacy of South Carolinians.” “I believe […]

House Approves Measure Shortening Legislative Session

    If SC House leaders have their say, the General Assembly will spend less time in Columbia. For the 10th time in 20 years, the South Carolina House of Representatives has approved legislation providing for a constitutional amendment that would shorten the state’s legislative session. “It is no secret that we have one of […]

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