BMW’s X5 Prepares to Take On the World as its 3rd Generation Begins Production Exclusively in SC

  Production of the third-generation BMW X5 officially began last week with the manufacture of dealer vehicles designed to generate excitement and sales in their regions. The first new BMW X5 is a Mineral White M50d (six-cylinder inline diesel engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology) featuring Exclusive Nappa Mocha leather interior and will be […]

Everybody Wanted to be in SC TODAY.

More and more, South Carolina’s national media attention is the kind we want…and the kind CRESCENT has been dedicated to promoting since launching in October 2011. We have towns people want to visit, chefs who have become celebrities, food that is the envy of the snobbiest culinary critics, and products people can’t wait to get […]

SC School Fundraising Isn’t Limited to Cookie Dough, Anymore.

Childhood obesity is a national epidemic, and if you’re a parent of school-aged children, you see school fundraisers selling everything from cookie dough to popcorn…not exactly the message parents want to see when we keep saying that children and adults need to get in better shape. A Columbia, South Carolina parent named Ken Carey has […]

Life’s Too Short…

  College kids will drink some really horrendous booze. By his own admission, Virgil Kaine co-founder David Szlam was no different. Now, he wants to make sure that his friends and other former college kids can step up their games. “People love Bourbon and ginger ale,” Szlam says while asking, “but why do people always […]

Virgil Kaine, the Danville Train, Bourbon, and Ginger

  Charleston’s David Szlam began venturing in to the spirit world about a year and a half ago last May. No. He’s not in to ghosts or anything like that (although there is a dead Confederate soldier at the center of what he’s doing). He’s the co-founder of Virgil Kaine — a spirits manufacturer in […]

With Party Conventions in Full Swing, SC-Based Start-Up Social Network Aims To Change Politics As Usual

  Polls show that many voters are tired of the polarizing political partisanship, negative campaign ads and government gridlock.  To compound the frustration is a perceived voter inability to learn more about elected officials or to find other voters to have a real discussion or debate with about policy.  Five Greenville natives decided to do […]

MADE IN SC: Birth of a Bow Tie

Remember the tie in the photo of this feature’s first segment? There’s a story behind that. When we interviewed Randy Hanauer, it was only days before the Carolina Cup in Camden, and our photojournalist was without a new bow tie for the state’s annual kickoff to spring. He told Randy about the sport coat he […]

MADE IN SC: Randy Hanauer’s Thoughts on Bow Ties — “Women Love ‘Em.”

Do you trust the guy in the bow tie? Ask Randy Hanauer if you should. Not only will he answer with an emphatic, “Yes,” he’ll give you a host of other good reasons why. While his ties can be fun and add more than a hint of personality to an otherwise nondescript outfit, they’re also […]

MADE IN SC: A Tie is a Win for R. Hanauer

Food Network’s Alton Brown took to Twitter last year with a perfectly good question. “The question isn’t why do I wear bow ties, the question is how can you be so uncool as to not wear bow ties?” Randy and Jayma Hanauer who started R. Hanauer in the mid-1980s, ask the same question on a regular basis. […]

CRESCENT Products: SARGE Knives — One of the Shortest Mission Statements to Read

This feature started as a profile of a South Carolina-based knife company, but as is so often the case, things don’t always turn out the way we plan. This feature evolved on its own from SARGE Knives to the entrepreneurial spirit and philosophy of a son of Greenville County’s Dunean Mill Village. That’s part of […]

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