Everybody Wanted to be in SC TODAY.

More and more, South Carolina’s national media attention is the kind we want…and the kind CRESCENT has been dedicated to promoting since launching in October 2011. We have towns people want to visit, chefs who have become celebrities, food that is the envy of the snobbiest culinary critics, and products people can’t wait to get […]

The Lee Brothers Present THE LEE BROS CHARLESTON KITCHEN — Part 2

In this segment, Matt and Ted Lee demonstrate “Skillet Asparagus with Grapefruit,” another selection from their new book “The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen.” Filmed at “Charleston Cooks!” in Columbia, SC, Ted and Matt “bring together that early March mojo” as the asparagus is just popping up on Johns Island. As Matt said, “We want people […]

The Lee Brothers Present “The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen” — Part 1

  We were going to sit down with Charleston’s Lee brothers, Matt and Ted, to ask them about their new book The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen. Then we asked ourselves, “Why?” We thought you’d much rather see them in action while talking about the follow-up to their James Beard Award winning book Simple Fresh Southern. […]

Greenville Author Helps Parents Answer Tough Questions

A child’s innocent questions sometimes catch a parent off-guard, and one such question prompted Greenville author Beth Lindsay Templeton to write a children’s book. The question was, “Why does my classmate smell funny?” The answer to that and many other questions are in her new book A Coat Named Mr. Spot — a book written […]