There’s a New CRESCENT Rising in the Distance.

  By: Taft Matney This version of CRESCENT has served us well since October 3, 2011, but it’s time for a little more than a simple refresh. Sometimes a house needs more than a new coat of paint. Sometimes, you need to update the wiring and add on a few more square feet. That’s where […]

CRESCENT’s Editor is a Big Loser

By: Taft Matney If you’ve spent almost any time reading CRESCENT, you know that as we discuss “South Carolina life, politics, and a little bit in between,” we talk about food. We talk about food A LOT. Why? South Carolina has some amazing food…and almost every kind you can imagine…and some of it is REALLY […]

Thanks, Dads.

  There’s a time for work and a time for family, and this is one of those family times as we take a quick break to honor the fathers and father figures in our lives — both those who are still with us and those we wish were still here. From everyone at CRESCENT, Happy […]

We Remember

  By: Taft Matney Much the way Easter and the Carolina Cup have become the unofficial starts of Spring, Memorial Day weekend has become the unofficial start of Summer. Unfortunately, we sometimes lose sight of what those events REALLY mean, of what’s behind them, and of why we truly observe them (Notice I didn’t say, […]

South Carolina. First in Golf…Tournaments.

By: Taft Matney South Carolina. We’re “First in Golf,” and we have a license plate to prove it. What we don’t have and can’t lay claim to is “First in Golf Tournaments,” and that’s a shame. With the Tour’s BMW Charity Pro-Am just wrapping up, this is something I’ve thought about a lot over […]

My Seersucker is Off Limits.

By: Taft Matney On Wednesday (April 24), Missouri State Senator Ryan McKenna (D-Jefferson County) unknowingly declared sartorial war on South Carolina. Oh, yes. Yes. He did. Concerned with the issues facing the Show Me State, Sen. McKenna took a swipe at the biggest issue of all and authored and submitted a bill amendment that would […]

Where To?

By: Taft Matney If you haven’t looked at a map lately or driven from the Upstate to the Lowcountry (or vice versa), you may not know that South Carolina is actually a pretty small state. If you’re interested, we’re 40th in area. What does that mean to you? Well, it means that we can get […]

UPDATED — CRESCENT to Merge with Charleston-Based Magazine?

  SEE THE UPDATE FOLLOWING THE ORIGINAL PIECE. We’re here with a good news / bittersweet news piece to tell you. Launching in October of 2011 as the state’s only true cloud-based magazine, CRESCENT has proudly converged current events and lifestyle issues focusing on “South Carolina life, politics, and a little bit in between.” Our […]

Maintain Local (Bow) Ties

By: Taft Matney The unofficial start of Spring in South Carolina is just a couple of weeks away as more than 60,000 of my closest friends prepare to gather in the state’s oldest inland city for one of the nation’s premier steeplechase events. It’s time for the Carolina Cup in Camden. Ladies are planning tailgate […]

Don’t Be Ashamed to Google Yourself. It’s Perfectly Natural.

  By: Taft Matney In my professional life, I wear a number of hats. I try not to wear more than one at the same time, but this is one of those times where I felt like the lines needed to be crossed. It used to be that if a reporter wanted to know something […]

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