There’s a lot going on in South Carolina, and you deserve to know about it. At least that’s the premise behind CRESCENT.

It’s a look at South Carolina news and politics that may give you some “inside baseball” while making it understandable and entertaining.

It’s a look at our state’s characters.

It’s a look at our state’s issues.

It’s a look at our state’s food and entertainment.

It’s a place where lifestyle and politics converge and offer information and entertainment.

Somewhere along the way, it’s also a place for us to spotlight some of the things that make South Carolina, well, South Carolina.

CRESCENT. It’s South Carolina life, politics and a little bit in between.


It’s simple. Give the people what they want. We had a vision. We knew what we wanted to create, but we wanted to make sure we were on the right track. Taking a tip from private sector public relations and public sector political campaigns, we polled it.

It was a simple 10 question survey titled “Whatcha  Readin’ and Why?”

The premise? To learn, in today’s new media environment, how people get their information, what kinds of information those people find interesting, and several additional factors that drive them to different media outlets.


Aside from casually asking friends and family, we took a two-pronged approach — with one being more scientific than the other.

First, and more casually, we created a survey and issued an open invitation via popular social networking outlets Twitter and Facebook. We did this because we recognize the speed at which social media is becoming a source for news, information, and interaction. As Pew Internet Research noted in a July 2010 report, “the Millennial generation will lead society into a new world of personal disclosure and information-sharing using new media.”

Second, we specifically solicited input from a sample of roughly 200 people across the state. 46.6% of those polled responded to the survey.


  • With a response of 80%, “websites” topped the list of ways respondents gather information.
  • Current Events, Politics, Home & Garden, Regional, and Food & Beverage subjects were the five most frequently examined subjects.
  • 65% of respondents read these publications at least weekly (one or more times per week).

What they read What they're interested in How often they're reading


With the range of subjects CRESCENT covers, our primary demographic is an informed readership with an interest in and affinity for South Carolina.

  • 50% Female / 50% Male
  • College-Educated
  • Aged 25-45
  • Professionally / Civically Involved


Current promotional outlets include advertising on with sizing that includes:

  • *Top / Bottom Banner (550 x 100) — Maximum 10 Rotating Ad Availabilities Per Block
  • *Small Rectangle (300 x 125) — Maximum 10 Rotating Ad Availabilities Per Block
  • *Rectangle (300 × 250) — Maximum 10 Rotating Ad Availabilities Per Block
  • **Square (300 × 300) — Maximum 5 Rotating Ad Availabilities Per Block
  • Wide Skyscraper (300 x 600) — Site-Wide Exclusivity


  1. Rates are Net and Per Insertion/Per Month.
  2. Site-wide exclusivity for “Wide Skyscraper” and reduced inventory availability for “Square” are based on the characterization as “Prime Placement” ad blocks.
  3. Ad blocks with * denote ads placed in rotation with other CRESCENT advertisers.
  4. Ad blocks with ** denote ads placed in rotation with other CRESCENT advertisers but that have reduced inventory due to placement.
  5. The wide skyscraper, small rectangle, rectangle, and square ad blocks ad blocks are available for placement on the sidebar only. Top and bottom banners are available within the bodies of posts.

Advertising space on CRESCENT is available on a monthly basis with rate discounts applied to insertion orders of three (3) month, six (6) month, and twelve (12) month periods.

Standard agency discounts apply.

Political rates are available for preemptable ad locations (rectangle, small rectangle, top/bottom banner). Square and wide skyscraper spaces are available at retail price levels only.

NOTE: Since ads can be reserved and placed at any point, the term “month” refers to a thirty (30) day period.

As CRESCENT grows, we anticipate offering potential additional branding/event sponsorship opportunities to augment on-line promotional activities.

For an account executive in your area, a complete media kit, questions about advertising with CRESCENT, or to discuss how CRESCENT can effectively help promote your brand, contact a representative of 276 MEDIA at

CRESCENT reserves the right to reject any advertisement. Rates and conditions may change without notice. Information correct as of April 27, 2013.



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