YOUR TURN: “All-Star Bowl Showing SC Football Talent” By: David Wyatt

David Wyatt


It was a banner year for the University of South Carolina and Clemson University football programs as both won bowl games and ended the year ranked in the top 10.

However, football in the Palmetto State is about more than just the two biggest universities. Over the years, South Carolina colleges and high schools have produced All-Americans, two Heisman Trophy winners, first-round draft picks, NFL Pro Bowlers, All-Pros, Super Bowl winners, College Football Hall of Famers, and Pro Football Hall of Famers.

South Carolina is one of the top five states in the country yearly for putting football players into the NFL. That number becomes the first or second state in the country ever year if you look at it on a per capita basis.

Everyone agrees that talent is here. The disagreement begins over the question of whether that talent is best cultivated in the Upstate, the half of the state above Interstate 20, or is it best cultivated in the Lowcountry, the area below I-20.

That is where the South Carolina College All Star Bowl (SCCASB) comes in. This game is designed to highlight the talent from the state to professional scouts and coaches as well as settle the Upstate vs. Lowcountry debate by establishing an annual regional champion. In addition, the game will help feed and care for South Carolina senior residents as a portion of the proceeds go to Meals on Wheels, and SCCASB viewers and fans will have the opportunity to donate as part of the event.

The inaugural SCCASB is scheduled for March 23 at North Greenville University and will be aired live to a statewide television audience. The game will feature the 48 best college football players from the Upstate against the 48 best college football players from the Lowcountry. Eligible players include all seniors that just finished playing football in one of the 12 collegiate football programs in South Carolina as well as those out-of-state college seniors that grew up playing football in South Carolina.

Sam Wyche, former NFL Coach of the Year, is the commissioner of the SCCASB. Hall of Famer and South Carolina State legend Coach Willie Jeffries is coaching the Lowcountry team against the Upstate team coached by the 1981 National Champion and Clemson coaching legend coach Danny Ford.

This game has something for everyone, and players and fans benefit on multiple levels.

The SCCASB is a perfect opportunity for players to get time with team personnel and showcase their talents on and off the field just one month before the NFL Draft. The timing of this game is ideal because it gives players time to heal and train to reach maximum conditioning as well as perform and interview right before the draft where teams are making their talent purchases.

Another benefit of the SCCASB is bringing these players home to South Carolina to play again and a chance for all players to play one last college football game. Many of the players on each team will be reunited from high school, while others will be playing together for the first time.

Fans will get the opportunity to see talent across multiple conferences compete in a unique competition.

Whether players are trying to get a shot at the NFL or simply playing in a historic final chapter of their football career, the match-up to take place in the beautiful foothills of Greenville County is one no true football fan will want to miss.

David Wyatt is a partner in the Gleaton Wyatt Hewitt Law Firm and president of Wyatt Sports. Learn more about the South Carolina College All Star Bowl at

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