CRESCENT PEOPLE: Congressman Mick Mulvaney Excited for His District, Excited for His Job.



Have you ever heard of Indian Land, SC? Well, it’s in the panhandle of Lancaster County, it’s a major suburb of both Rock Hill and Charlotte, and it’s the home of Continental Tire North America and the Inspiration Network.

It’s also the home of Mick Mulvaney – one of South Carolina’s four freshman congressmen – representing the Fifth Congressional District.

If you aren’t familiar with Congressman Mulvaney, he served in both the South Carolina House and Senate before unseating former House chief budget writer and congressional veteran of almost 30 years John Spratt. He’s active in his community, a husband to Pam, and a dad to triplets.

He has more energy than a Red Bull, and it’s contagious.

The day CRESCENT visited with Congressman Mulvaney in his Rock Hill office, he just returned from an in-district congressional hearing, and he was excited about it.


ENTER STAGE LEFT: Congressman Mulvaney bounds in to his office smiling.

Today has been a great day.  We had a…actually a formal congressional hearing today in Rock Hill.  Really kind of neat.  It’s the second one we’ve done in South Carolina, the third one we’ve done outside of Washington, DC.  I want to do more and more of them.  We did one in California actually at the request of the Democrat on my subcommittee.  We did one down in Sumter looking at why small businesses didn’t get more of the job and Shaw Air Force base when 3rd Army moved there from Atlanta.  And today was on the impact of regulatory overreach and the healthcare bill on small business in South Carolina.

It is so invigorating to hear the actual, real world stories.  We’re not just dealing with ideology and philosophy in general concepts.  We’re dealing with, “Look, I have a business, and I have to do this, and it’s silly for me to have to do this specific thing.” And that sort of allows me and other folks to sort of sink our teeth into real examples of what the problem is.

Unfortunately, and I wish I could say everybody is responsible but my fear is that we (Congress) drive a lot of it.  That we require the states to meet the federal standard and the states turn around and require the localities to meet the state’s standard.  A lot of that is trickle down regulatory overreach.  And then just generally speaking, we’re dealing with something right now, over in Lancaster County about smoking in restaurants.  The county council is thinking of a ban on smoking in restaurants.  We asked a reasonable question of some of my friends on county council, “Why are you doing this? Who’s pushing this?  Who made this an issue for county council?”  And the chairman, who is just as conservative as I am said, “Well, you know, the Surgeon General came out with this new report on second hand smoke and we feel compelled to do something about it.”  Well, there’s an indirect way the federal government is forcing more regulation down the pipeline.  Anyway, it’s good to let folks back home know they’re not the only ones dealing with it and there is actually somebody who cares about trying to fix it.

Do you get a lot of feedback from them?

Oh, it’s great.  It was great.  We had thirty or forty people.  Good media coverage.

That’s strong, thirty or forty.

Yeah, a lot of small business people who I’d never seen before who just knew we were going to be there, who wanted to come and gripe.  But it’s helpful because those gripes are real, tangible examples of how things can get screwed up.

Just to kind of give you a quick download on what CRESCENT is …

I’ve seen it.  You’re Jeff Duncan’s favorite magazine.

CRESCENT wants to tell stories that aren’t being told. We know what a great state South Carolina is.  We know that this state has great stories and great people to tell them and that most of our politicians aren’t buffoons.  But that’s not what you hear in the national press…

MulvaneyOfficeDoorLongworthBldgDCBy the way, you talk about that, that larger issue.  I think if there is one thing I’m particularly proud of in this delegation, it’s not just the four freshmen, it’s the whole delegation, is that I think our reputation as a state, within Congress, is much different than it is on Comedy Central.  Having folks like Trey (Gowdy) and Tim (Scott) and Jeff (Duncan),  and to a certain extent, myself, doing what we do I think has really set people straight.  We’re serious law-makers.  We’re serious legislators.  We’re not the brunt of jokes.  We’ll leave that to the Anthony Weiners and the guy from Oregon who dressed up in the tiger suit, but we’re doing real work.  When you look at the Holder investigation, Trey Gowdy was right in the middle of that.  When we talked about the debt ceiling last year, I was right in the middle of that.  Anything about energy policy and you’ve got Jeff Duncan there.  So I think we’re slowly, and for the right reasons, making a positive name, not only for ourselves because it’s not about us, but the state has a lot more respect than you would generally perceive from watching Comedy Central.

And you guys have become a story.

Not so much a story as we’ve become a team.  It’s not uncommon for people to walk in to a vote on the floor of the United State Congress and say, “OK, how is South Carolina voting on this?”  They want to know where we stand, especially the conservatives.

Congressman Duncan told us the story about all of you going into the House Chapel and the press thinking it was some sort of, “We’ve been called to the Speaker’s Office,” and it was just you guys there talking and praying and…

Somehow we’re members of some strange cult because we actually and take some time in the chapel from time to time.  That gives you some insight into what the New York Times world view is but that’s another story for another day.


Stay Tuned for Part 2.


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